Speak-Out Youth Group...

The Speak-Out Youth Group started in January 2009, with 15 members and it continues to grow. The Speak-Out Youth Group is a program provided by the Adoptive Families Association of BC (AFABC) for youth 13 - 24 years old. It is a group of youth-in-care, former youth-in-care and adoptees. They develop communication materials about teen adoption and permanence, and plan speaking engagements, such as conferences and workshops. This group created the youthzone website in 2012 as a place where BC youth could connect and share their stories, thoughts and perspectives on: permanence, adoption and foster care.

The purpose of the Speak-Out Group, as outlined by its members is:

  • To send a positive message about permanency and teen adoption to the greater community.
  • To create a safe space where young people can talk about adoption and permanence options.
  • To create resources for other young people about permanency and adoption. 

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