The Adoption Process: A teen's perspective


Step 1: You are given a photobook made by the prospective adoptive parent(s) and a revised version of their home study. Your social workers tell you to think about it and that you can meet them in a couple of days, but only if you want to.

Step 2: A couple of days later you meet your Potential Adoptive Parents (PAPs) in a pretty quiet, public place - a restaurant, park, airport, coffee shop, etc. The social workers are there for you the whole time to keep the conversation going and so there is no awkward silence.

Step 3: You have day visits with your PAPs and any kids they may have. The social workers do not attend any of these visits.

Step 4: You have day visits to their house.

Step 5: You have overnights, but at first it may only be one night.

Step 6: Then you spend the weekends. It continues on like this for a long while.

Step 7: You start spending longer overnight visits.

Step 8: You may move in during the weeks and return to your foster home some weekends.

Step 9: You have a big meeting with the social workers and your PAPs. This meeting is called NOP (Notice of Placement). This means that you live with your PAPs full time now and in six months you can send the papers off to court to legally be adopted!