Advice from Transracial Adoptees


“Know that whatever you feel about your adoption is ok. If parents are ready to adopt a child into a multicultural family, then they should. But only if they're 100% ready.” - Lea, 24 years old, Adopted from Korea

“Get involved in your home country. In every school project that I did, it was always about Honduras. Go to the library, find a book.” - Michael, 20 years old, Adopted from Honduras

“The AFABC has resources for schools, get the resources, give them to the teacher, make sure they know the proper resources to use. With your parents, tell them what you are comfortable with sharing. Come up with one line sentences that can make people back off if you don't want to talk about it.”
- Danica, 19, African

“Keep contact. Having a picture of my mother or brother would have helped me so much.” - Sam, 20 years old, Adopted from Mexico

“Finding other people who were adopted can be very fulfilling and very interesting to see that they experienced something similar to you.” - Laura, 21 years old, Adopted from Peru

“You are going to have a tough time, find a good friend and maintain that friendship.” - Michael, 20 years old, Adopted from Honduras

“I wouldn't change the experiences that I have. I wouldn't change anything because now I'm a product of something that I'm proud of. I love who I am and I love who I became." - Eleanor, 26 years old, Aboriginal

“Be strong and don't listen to other people's views of adoption or stereotypes. Ignore it.” - Joanna, 15 years old, Aboriginal

*taken from Colourful Lives: Voices of Transracial Adoptees