Chris T's Rhyme #1


They use to call us brats cause we fought the Ministry like terrorists against America/
And now I'm not eligible to be adopted to spead this hysteria/
And looking at this/
Someone promoted my Social Worker and that's why she's where she is/
But enough of the past cause the future is here/
Foster Care and Adoption was a design so for some people the future is clear/
Using these youth workers as their ears and eyes/
Like satellites in orbit watching me from the sky/
And every foster kid wants a piece of the adoption pie/
But that means you co-sign to the Ministry's lies/
Go ahead and criticize cause they gave us rights but realistically they stole our freedom/
And I know it may never affected you/
But look how they front like Democracy do/
Cause really it's about how my childhood was stolen and murdered/
By this profitable service cause even though it's economic/
They shift the earth like the tectonics/
And their weapons of choice evolved like the strand of the chronic/
From biologic to their propaganda topics/