Chris T's Rhyme #2


I didn't start out as the type to rip open a mic/
but now I teach the narrow minded Ministry to get right/
You might even take flight if you know about the battles I had to fight/
It's like my native culture was painted white/
And I can't seem to know about love/
When foster children are losing their lives to drugs/
And these unknown diseases spread by a bug/
Cause my hope beats within me/
My heart is hidden somewhere no one can see/
Written in ancient prophecy/
I was portrayed as obscene/
Cause I didn't give in to the smoke scene of the music industry/
And if I had any type of swagger/
It was with an Invisible Cloak and dagger/
So maybe these women will steal my attention/
But I will never mention the deception/
Of the cycle created by crack addicts/
Native status and a lyrical mathematic/