Movie Review: "Orphan"


This movie is a horror that is based on adopting a child who turns out to be more then what she appears to be. Now for starters, this movie is fictional and a horror so most people aren’t going to like it, unless they like scary movies. But I knew what I was in for, with that in mind, I could appreciate the good dialogue between the parents and the kids. As a kid who was in care, I thought the scene where the kids meet the adopted girl, Esther, was realistic and funny, not only because she was new to the family, also new to the country.

The movie takes a while to get moving, and the pacing is a bit slow but once it gets rolling thats when I thought it turned into a Hollywood movie with a very rushed ending. The plot itself is not complicated and I’d see this as a simple horror as there weren't too many “make-you-jump” scares and not a lot of action. I recommend this movie to parents and kids alike if they wish to watch something surreal and epic. I give it a 7 outta 10. At best, this is a rental.