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So in my recent years I sometimes ask myself why I continue to do this work and thought I'd reason with myself today. So I began doing youth work as like a fun paid venture for serious in 2008. My friend Lacy was a big supporter of getting me on board with a lot of things and creating the Speak-Out Youth Group was my first success. After seeing what potential lay ahead I began doing as much as could because I was never able to work like this in my younger days. My biggest fear back then was not being able to tell my story and not having the control over what the future held. My journey into facilitation was subtle but the minute I saw what kind of impact I could have on my peers as well as adults and the system, I then took it seriously. AFABC started offering many opportunities to travel and present about permanency and teen adoption as well as my personal experience so the fire was lit. From 2009 to 2010 I also expanded on who I worked with; doing more things with L.O.V.E as a leadership youth as well as collabs with Reel youth and Power Of Hope. I loved working with youth and adults. It really encouraged me to be positive and to network like never before, and I think from building connections it has laid a concrete legacy as well as created great friends and partners. I think more youth given the opportunity and education can do a lot of great things. I would encourage anyone to get involved with AFA or maybe get involved with any local youth work connection you have. As much as I have my gripes with federation of BC youth in care networks I definitely would recommend them to any young person as they are a provincial organization in BC and working toward doing more things across the province. As a facilitator and hopefully a recording artist I hope I can continue being great, fun and pushing toward a future where transition from care means nothing. Getting your education is easy and more people get involved in local stuff to better support their communities. This is been fun but that's all for now. ‘Til next blog, bye!

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Mr. Tait

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