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Today is World Hello Day and it represents something I think holds tremendous value: promoting peace, acceptance and positive communication. The “day” was originally created to promote peaceful interactions between Israel and Egypt in the 1970’s, but now the meaning of the day has expanded worldwide by taking it upon ourselves to extend a smile and a hello to 10 people we see during the day. They could be strangers who are passing through, family or friends who you’d like to reach out to or professionals whom we may not always see eye-to-eye with but may need a friendly hello sent their way.

Reaching out to people in our lives can be hard and sometimes challenging and it can take a lot of strength to say what we need to say. However it is in this small word, which we use multiple times a day that brings us together and connects us. Hello is a greeting, a welcome sign, an invitation for further discussion, it may be a small word but it can be a powerful one too.

For us here at Speak-Out Youth Zone promoting adoption and permanency is a huge focus of our group and a message we hope to spread throughout the wider community. By incorporating the idea of World Hello Day in our everyday lives can not only help to promote our ideas but encourage positive communication in our wider community! So much of this we already do, but by having a day to remind us of the importance of promoting acceptance and peace can aid in our delivery and development of our great message!

So say Hello to 10 people today and share what your experience was here! 

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Tanika - Youth Coordinator

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