So what is permanency, what is betrayal?

Is it love and family or hate and sadness? And how can permanency happen when you are scared of people who get to close to you. Then the people you live with pretend to care and love you. You try and keep slogging through the pain like trained dogs lucky just for the scraps of food and love from people and family that just want you for the money that the government gives them. Then bam you’re adopted. Your new parents try and love you and understand you. You start to try and trust then they go and do something that hurts you more than they can know. Now I have built walls of stone to keep my emotions locked down. Ha locked down not! I still feel all the pain that you inflict on me. So I don’t let you see the pain that I feel. Here’s the thing every time I look at the scars on my arms and wonder why I didn’t dig deeper. In my life know I’m still second choice to all the people around me I’m told that I’m not alone but in reality all these people don’t know and love you. Then you think why not just close my eyes and go to sleep forever. Then think how in one moment you can just be a memory.


Heart made of stone


Heart made of stone let me in

Let me love you not tame you

So heart of stone what do you say?


Should I let you in?

Can you love one such as me?




So will you let me in stone heart?

 Yes I can love you

Let my love heal your wounds.

Let the stars shine in your eyes


Do I trust your silver tong?

Do I trust your words of love?

Can I?


 Yes you can

You can love me

 You can trust me


So I love you

Yes you do


So heart of stone be gone!

Wall of ice melt

Soul of fire burn

So all the scars that I have are gone


Let me love........

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