Blindness is such a small word in this world, but what a difference it makes on a person's life and the lives of others around them.What would you do if you were trapped in your mind with nothing but your own company day in and day out, whispers of madness blowing through your ears? People see haunting white eyes not moving not seeing just looking. nothing you see no tears no love colors no family. You create your world inside your head oblivious to what's going on around you. I know I said that blindness is a physical thing. But would you think me crazy if I told you that you are blind? Perhaps we are all blind every single one of us, blind to the facts of the world and that no matter what we do we are all the same and going to the same place. Or maybe we're blind because the closer we look, the more we deceive ourselves. People may not be born blind but we may as have been. Say that I revealed the truth behind all of your illusions and told you that life is just a beautiful lie that your blind eyes can't see. That you just soldier on because that's what you were programmed to do, you can't seem to see that you no longer have any choice. Because you are blind of what is actually going on around you all you see are ways to get more time to look at that screen that looks like a growth out of your hand. Can't you see that we are in the world where we have smart phones and stupid people! Oh what am I thinking you're blind to this fact and only because you think that likes on Facebook will save a life or give someone food when it does nothing. You don't see the sun filtering through the leaves or making a halo around you. You miss everything because your likes on Facebook are more important to you than your friends in real life."Facebook" is called a "social network" when we should really be calling it an "anti social network". We should have been born blind because our eyes are useless when our minds are blind. Are you blind to the "I love yous" that are whispered in the night? Blind to the fractured smiles and empty eyes that stare back at you from your blank screen or are you really unaware to the fact that you are killing yourselves.Blindness is something so few people are born with and yet you chose to be blind to throw away your ability to see everything around you for what it is, the good and the bad. But don't let this small problem of lying to yourself stop you, by all means continue running in circles? Because we all know that you would rather spend your time watching cats doing stupid things on your phone than spend time with your own pet and even worse your family.what if I gave you 24 hours to live, would your need to update your Facebook or post that one last oh so "amazing" selfie even outweigh your need to say your "I love you's" and "I'm sorrys" for the last time? Or has Facebook, instagram, tumblr, twitter, youtube taken away all your real friends? Do you actually think that your 5000 friends on Facebook care if you died? I bet you do because you're blind to the fact that you had loving friends and family to support you through your ups and downs. Yes I said "had" because you pushed them away after they found out that your screen time is more important to you than talking face to face. But it's your life and if this is the way you choose to live it then so be what if the only thing worse than being blind is being able to see?

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