Things That Should Be Changed About Foster Care

*      More social workers, less kids

Social workers are guardians of so many kids that they always have something keeping them busy. With my social worker, whenever I have something I need help with it is delayed because she has other things on the top of her list. It’s even hard to get in contact with her at times. It is rule for socials workers to check up on and visit each of their kids once every 3 months but I feel youth especially need it way more than that because they’re just going through more in their lives that they need to talk about it.


*      Why don’t youth get a say in where they live?

My social worker told me a few years ago that I’m old enough to start making my own decisions. So why can’t I get a say in where I live? I feel forced to live somewhere I don’t want to. There should be a write up of every foster home saying what activities they like to do together and what they’re interested in, so when there are multiple foster homes available youth can choose where they would be most happy at.


*      Social workers shouldn’t control your life

Social workers do what they think is best for you and your life. Which can be great but not when you disagree with what is best. I mean it’s my life so shouldn’t I know what’s best? I always get the “You’re a teenager,” excuse and somehow that means I can’t help myself and make the right decisions.


*      Happiness should be more important than anything

My social worker has this thing where I’m not allowed to move to another foster home unless there’s a serious problem. Why can’t I move because I’m not happy with where I live? I mean foster kids have already lost the ability to live a happy life with their parents so happiness need to be the first priority with everything.



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