What is a lifebook?

"A lifebook is something that keeps a record of your life, dreams and wishes. It promoted trust and attachment. A lifebook is very beneficial for children and teens. It is like a storybook about your life. It helps children know how they came to be and why. A lifebook is a record of a child's life that used words, photos, your artwork, computer graphics and memorabilia. Many people create a lifebook with scrapbooking techniques." ~ Courtney R.

Do you keep in touch with your birth family?

"Yes, I phone my mother once a week and talk to my grandmother on the computer. The only reason people wouldn't keep in touch with their birth family is because it would be a closed adoption or the people who adopted you do not like that." ~ M.H.

"Yes and no. I message part of my birth family through facebook. The only person I visit is my sister because she has a 2 year old son and I want to be a part of his life. I don't know my birth father, never have. My mom and my brother, I haven't seen since Christmas 2006, because they haven't made the effort to see me. I have another sister who was adopted at age 1 by my mom's cousin, because my mom gave birth to her at 17. I talk to her and met her when I was 12 for the first time, but that is about it. ~ Courtney R.  

Why should someone adopt a teen?

"Because just like babies or younger kids, they want a family too even if they do not show it. For me, I want a family so that I will have someone to support and love me for who I am." ~ M.H.

What should people know about teens in care?

"Most of them are really good and they do not have bad marks in school and don't do drugs, usually if they did that before care they stop doing it when they get in care. The kids in care are usually stronger than normal kids that are not in care so if something bad happens we won't break down as fast as usual kids would." ~ M.H.

What age can you get adopted at?

"You can get adopted at any age." ~ Jeff D.

Who can get adopted out?

"Anyone who has been or is in the foster care system." ~ Jeff D.

Does the child or children get a say on where they go?

"Yes, they do if they are 12 years old or older, but when they are younger they don't because they can not legitimately make an informed decision." ~ Jeff D.

Do siblings get to be adopted together?

"They try to adopt siblings out together, but they can't always do it because some siblings have such a big age range and that makes it harder to find a family that will take them because of that." ~ Jeff D.