Speak-Out Youth

What We're Working On

Sometimes it’s a website, sometimes it’s a newsletter, sometimes it’s a video! Check out our cool projects and find out more about getting involved in one as a member of Speak-Out Youth here.

Letʼs make a better world for BCʼs teens in care!

If you’re 13 to 24, and have been in foster care or in an adoptive family, join us! Share your stories, connect with others like you, learn new skills, and inspire change!

All Speak-Out Youth Group members can:

  • Talk to AFABC’s youth workers
  • Share stories and creative projects with each other and on this website
  • Contribute ideas to inspire positive changes for kids in care.
  • Contribute to Speak-Out Youth projects like this website!
  • Learn new skills like web writing, videography, leadership, and life skills

Our Members